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Piraeus 3/2/17

MAVRIKOS IMPORTS S.A. was established in 1975 by Mr Panagiotis- George Mavrikos, in Piraeus and has been in full operation ever since. It is based at its own premises, comprising a 4-storey building with offices and warehouses, at 7 Naxou Street, Kaminia, Piraeus (MAVRIKOS BUILDING), over an area of 2,000 m2, while there is also a 250 m2 private parking area for trucks, at 1 Naxou Street and an event building for presentation of various products that she trades.

MAVRIKOS IMPORTS S.A. is a trading company of third generation generation , mainly involved in the trade of alcoholic drinks and beverages to on and off trade of Greece , shipchanldlidng and supplies to aircrafts as well as she has developed the export of premium Greek spirits and gourmet foodstuffs to various countries within and outside E.E.C.
The remarkable turnover, in combination with the fixed strategic orientation in areas and activities described by dynamism (shipping, exports), the advanced facilities and equipment, and the organization of the company as well as its readiness to successfully adapt to new circumstances have restricted the negative effects of the economic crisis. The company take utmost pride and joy in what she does and every day guarantees the highest standards of quality of services and products.

The company activates in the following areas:
I. DOMESTIC SALES (under suspension of Duties and Taxes)
1. Supplying ships (cargoes, cruisers, ferries, military navy vessels) with drinks, cigarettes, packaged foodstuff (frozen-fresh), electronic items, electrical appliances, cabin accessories, and mechanical spare parts.
The ships can be supplied at all Greek harbours as well as on board or in international waters (third countries or other EU member-states).
The merchandise supplied within Greek territory is distributed from the central warehouse of the Company with the help of a private distribution fleet.
2. Supplying Ship Duty-Free Shops.
The Company usually supplies its customers with drinks, cigarettes/tobacco, electronic appliances, packaged items, chocolate products, and dry nuts.
3. Supplying airport Duty-Free Shops. The Company is their exclusive distributor of drinks.
4. Supplying embassies and consulates, which are entitled to exemption from Duties and Taxes.
1. Supplying domestic liners.
2. Supplying Super Markets, Mini Markets, Wholesale Markets and Catering Agencies with alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, beer, and packaged foodstuff.
3. Supplying Ship Duty-Free Shops with taxed products (drinks, packaged foodstuff).
1. Εxports
1.1. Εxports to third, non-EU countries.
Mavrikos Imports Mediate and promotes abroad high quality and gourmet food and beverages. We select the best products of each region, competitive prices and flexibility of companies. Our goal is to take care and to update our customers with all new GREEK products and to constantly enrich our range. Mavrikos imports S.A. maintains the safest standards of stocking, services and facilities securing the best of of the best products Greece has to offer to the world.
1.2. Supplying-dispatching merchandise to ships anchored in international harbours as long as the ship owner is based outside Greece.
1.3. Intra-EU deliveries.
• Triangular Export Transactions.
• Τriangular intra-EU Transactions.
The Company today trades approximately 10,000 product codes, including mainly drinks, cigarettes, foodstuff and electronic appliances.
The Company provides services described by:
1. Wide range of products, some of which are exclusively distributed by the Company.
2. Immediate availability of products.
3. Fast delivery (for deliveries on board within 4 – 24 hours).
4. Early and full updating: product photo catalogues and newletters with all latest news of products and a continuously updated webpage.

2.organization and warehousing services of third parties in our owned warehouses.
3.customs clearance and representation to third parties in any of their import or export procedure or warehousing their goods in bonded or excised warehouse
4.customs consultancy

MAVRIKOS IMPORTS S.A. is strategically oriented to the certification of quality and services provided, organization of the Company, operational procedures, constant staff training in the continuously changing tax-customs legislation and rapid development in the field of informatics as well as to the relations of the Company with the authorities it deals with.
Therefore, the Company has been certified since 2011 by the Ministry of Finance, General Secretariat of Tax and Customs, under No. GR AEOF 004019 011 10, as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEOF) , thus safeguarding AEOS security and protection as well as the simplified AEOC procedures. It is a new EU institution, REG.1875/2009, which promotes at European level the cooperation between Customs and certified corporations, which enjoy specific benefits (simplifications and speed of transactions, reduction of guarantees, etc.) and boost their reliability and position in the market.
It should be noted that MAVRIKOS IMPORTS S.A. is the only suppliers’ company and one of the very few Greek companies that have been awarded this certification.
Apart from the ΑΕΟF certificate, the company has also been awarded the following:
1. Quality Management System BS EN ISO 9001:2008 since 1995, certified by LLOYD’S
2. HACCP Certificate of Supplying Shipping Companies and Airlines with Foods and Beverages, including the relevant Imports and Exports, and of wholesale trading of alcoholic and soft drinks in the domestic market of Greece, also certified by LLOYD’S.
3. License for subjecting the merchandise from 3 countries to the customs status of “”CUSTOMS WAREHOUSING”” (Ministry of Finance, Directorate General of Customs and Excise Duties). It is the first private warehouse recognized as a customs warehouse.
4. License for “”Approved Warehouser,”” Νο. EL10000010026 (Ministry of Finance, Directorate General of Customs and Excise Duties). From 1/1/1993.
5) License for Tax warehouse, Νο. ELA 0040010001, from 1/1/1993 (It should be noted that this is the first tax warehouse ever established).
6) License for simplified export processes regarding the destination specified by the exporter (It should be noted that this is the only suppliers’ company and one of the 3 companies in Greece holding a similar licence).
7) Certificate of customs efficiency
8) Member of INTERNATIONAL SHIPSUPPLIERS & SERVICES ASSOCIATION (ISSA) http://shipsupply.org/issa-register?cc=GR&pt=3&su=478

Τhe organizational chart of the Company includes the following main divisions: Executive Administration, which manages the Marketing & Sales Management, Imports-Exports Department, Material Management Department, Warehouse, Special Support Department, Organization and Quality Assurance Management, Administrative Support Department, and Economic Management. Each of the 8 above divisions comprises a number of separate subdivisions with clearly specified duties.
The Organization of MAVRIKOS IMPORTS S.A. and its effective operation are based on advanced informatics systems and equipment.<br />Since 1991 the Company has been investing in special computerized solutions in order to improve its regular operation, to reduce common mistakes, and to correctly and early enough inform the bodies involved (customers, suppliers, customs, etc.) as well as to restrict its operational cost.
In 2002 the Company was supplied with the ERP EasyErp of IntelliSoft, which has been in use up till now.
The EasyERP system manages all internal processes concerning the Import and Export of Merchandise and their formalities (Code of Tax Representation of Business Transactions -K.F.A.S. & Integrated Customs Information System -ICISnet), applied by businesses that maintain Simple or Customs or Tax Warehouses with merchandise subjected to duties and taxes. Other application networks that have been added are: Distributions, Transaction Profits, Customers’ Complaints, Logistic Entries, CRM, etc.
The operation of MAVRIKOS IMPORTS S.A. does not produce any negative environmental effects. However, as a modern and responsible company, it has adopted environmental-friendly policies and energy-saving solutions in the operation of its advanced equipment, while it also promotes similar initiatives.
The Company has never violated any customs, tax or security legislation.
The President & Managing Director of the Company, NIKOLAOS MAVRIKOS, also holds the following positions:
The Company represents the following non-Greek commercial houses
Barbados Rum, (Barbados Origin)
Barbados Rum XO (Barbados Origin)
Millonario Rum (Peru Origin)
Panama Rum 21yo (USA Origin) Rossi & Rossi

Legendario Rum (Cuba Origin)
Elixir 7yo, Anejo Black 9yo, Anejo Blanco, Dorado & Grand Reserva 15yo Legendario
Tiki Lovers Dark Rum (Trinidad & Guyana Origin) Haromex Development GmBh

Dolin Chamberyzette (chamberry) (France Origin)
1492 Coloniale Group
Sake Wine Kiwamihijiri Jyunmai<br />Sake Wine Kiwamihijiri Ginjyo Omachimai Les Whiskies Du Monde Sas


Akashi Blended Japanese Whisky,
Fujikai 10yo Japanese Whisky,
Togoushi Japanese Whisky
Paul John Classic Sel. Cask Indian Whisky
Paul John Brilliance Indian Whisky
Paul John Edited Indian Whisky
Paul John Peated Sel. Cask Indian Whisky Les Whiskies Du Monde Sas
Big Peat Islay Blended Whisky
Mc Gibbons Premium Reserve Whisky (Golf Range Deluxe Ceramic Decanter)
Rock Oyster Island Whisky,
Scallywag Speyside Blended Whisky
Timorous Beastie Highland Blended Whisky
Tamdhu Douglas Laing 10yo, Tamdhu 8yo Speyside
Ledaig Ceramic 7yo
Mortlach 8yo Speyside Provenance
Epicurean Lowland
King of Scots Blended Douglas Laing & Co

Knockeen Hill Irish Poteen Gold Extra Strength & Farmer’s Strength Knockeen Hill Spirits

Coruba Cigar, (Jamaica Origin)
Coruba Rum, (Jamaica Origin)
Coruba White, (Jamaica Origin)
Coruba 12YO, (Jamaica Origin)
Coruba 18YO (Jamaica Origin Haecky Import AG
Dictador Rum 12yo (Colombian Origin)
Dictador 20yo (Colombian Origin)
Dictador XO (Colombian Origin)
Dictador Rum Orange (Colombian Origin) Dictador Europe Polska
Presidente Marti Rum Anejo(Dominican Republic Origin)
Presidente Marti Rum 15yo (Dominican Republic Origin)
Presidente Marti Rum 19yo (Dominican Republic Origin)
Presidente Marti Rum 23yo (Dominican Republic Origin)
Les Whiskies Du Monde
Ron De Jeremy Reserva, (Panama Origin)
Ron De Jeremy Spiced (Panama Origin)
One Eyed Spirits Oy
Ryoma Japanese Rum
Les Whiskies Du Monde Sas
Santiago De Cuba C. Blanca (Cuba Origin)
Santiago De Cuba Anejo (Cuba Origin)
Santiago De Cuba 12yo Extra Anejo (Cuba Origin)
Santiago De Cuba 20yo Extra Anejo (Cuba Origin) Distilleries De Matha
Wild Geese Golden Rum, (Caribbean Origin)
Wild Geese Premium Rum, (Caribbean Origin)
Wild Geese Spiced Rum (Caribbean Origin)
Protégé international Group

Bitter Truth Pink Gin (German Origin)
Haromex Development GmbH
Filliers 28 Gin Small Batch (Belgium Origin)
Filliers 28 Tangerine Dry Gin (Belgium Origin)
Filliers 28 Dry Gin Barrel Aged (Belgium Origin)
Filliers 28 Dry Gin Pine Blossom (Belgium Origin)
Filliers Graanstokerij Nv
Geranium Gin (U.K. Origin)
Old English Gin (U.K.Origin)
Hammer & Son Ltd
Heather Gin (U.K Origin)
Elderflower Gin (U.K. Origin)
Knockeen Hill Spirits

Mayfair Gin (U.K. Origin)
Mayfair Brands Ltd
Olifant Dry Gin (Dutch Origin)
Wenneker Distillers
Orthodoxy Colombian Gin
Treasure Colombian Gin
Dictador Europe Polska
Uppercut Dry Gin Small Batch (Belgium Origin)
BVBA Unicon

Black Moth Truffle (U.K Origin) Black Moth Ltd
Crystal Head Vodka (Canadian Origin)
Globefill Inc
Danzka Vodka (Denmark Origin)
Waldemar Behn GmbH

Fruko Czech Absinth Black
Fruko Czech Absinth Green
Fruko Czech Absinth Red Fruko Schulz Ltd

Armagnac Janneau (French Origin)
Calvados Pere Magloire Fine VS, (French Origin)
Calvados Pere Magloire Fine VSOP, (French Origin)
Calvados Pere Magloire Fine XO (French Origin) Spirit France Diffusion Sas
Davidoff Cognac (France Origin)
H by Hine Cognac (only for Duty Free Market)
Thomas Hine & Co Sas
Meukow Cognacs (French Origin) Distilleries De Matha

Courriere X.O Blue (French Origin)
Napoleon V.S.O.P. Frosted (French Origin)
Paris Eiffel Tower X.O. Brandy (French Origin) Distilleries De Matha

Amaretto Fruko Czech
Advocaat Fruko Czech
Cream Liqueur Fruko Czech
Grapefruit Liqueur Fruko
Honey Liqueur Fruko Czech
Pina Colada Fruko Czech
Yoghurt Liqueur Fruko Czech Fruko Schulz Ltd
Bitter Truth Liqueur (German Origin)
Apricot, Elderflower, EXR, Golder Falernoum, Pimento Dram, Sloeberry Blue, Violet Haromex Development GmbH
Dooley’s Toffee Cream Liqueur & Vodka (German Origin) Waldemar Behn GmbH
Francois Peyrot Poire Williams Cognac liqueur with pear (French Origin) Sarl Cognac Francois Peyrot
Kirsberry Liqueur (Denmark Origin) Pernod Ricard Denmark A/S
Limoncello Zanin (Italian Origin)
Amaretto Giulietta (Italian Origin) Distilleria Zanin
Meukow V.S. Vanilla Frosted (French Origin) Distilleries De Matha
Mozart Black Chocolate Liqueur
Mozart Gold Liqueur
Mozart White Chocolate
Mozart Rose Gold Chocolate Cream
Mozart Trio (Gold+White+Chocolate)
(Austria Origin)
(only for Duty free Market) Schlumberger Wein & Sektkellerei
Wenneker Liqueur (Amaretto, Apricot Brandy, Blackberry, Blueberry, Blue Curacao, Butterscotch, Café, Caribbean Coconut, Cherry Brandy, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Cinnamon Red, Cranberry, Crème De Bananes, Crème de Cacao, Crème de Cacao White, Crème de Cassis, Crème de Menthe, Crème de Manthe White, Curacao Orange, Elderflower, Gold liqueur, Hazelnut, Kiwi, Limoncello, Lyncee, Mandarin, Mango, Marasquin, Melon, Orange, Parfait Amour, Passion Fruit, Peach, Pisang Bagoes, Rasberry, Sloe Gin, Sour Apple, Strawberry, Triple Sec, Vanilla, Watermelon) (Dutch Origin) Wenneker Distillers

Bitter Fruko (Czech Origin) Fruko Schulz Ltd
Fisk Classic, (Denmark Origin)
Fisk Cola (Denmark Origin)
Fisk Sour apple (Denmark Origin)
Fisk Sour Strawberry (Denmark Origin)
Gajol, Spiceman Cinnamon, (Denmark Origin)
Candyman Caramel, (Denmark Origin)
Candyman Strawberry (Denmark Origin) United Drinks A/S
Red Spritz Aperitivo (Italian Origin) Distileria Zanin Srl

Oyzo No 7 Gold (Greek Origin)
Tsipouro Eothinon Black W/out Aniseed (Greek Origin)
Tsipouro Eothinon With Aniseed (Greek Origin) Distilleries Winery Thrakis

Calle 23 (Mexico Origin)
San Cosme Mezcal (Mexico Origin) Sierra Madre Trend Food Gmbh
La Tilica Anejo (Mexico Origin)
La Tilica Blanco (Mexico Origin) Tequilera La Tilica Sa
La Hora Azul Anejo (Mexico Origin)
La Hora Azul Blanco (Mexico Origin)
La Hora Azul Reposado (Mexico Origin) Don Good Tequila
San Cosme Mezcal (Mexico Origin) Hanneder & Maul Group Germany

“Albert Bichot” French Wines Maison Albert Bichot
Ariousios Afstiros Red Wine
Ariousia Chora White Wine
Ariousios Greek Islands White Wine
Ariousios Glikazon Semi Sweet Red Wine
(Chios Islands – Greek Origin) Ariousios Wines
Hutchison Ginger Wine (U.K Origin) Aberko Limited
Italian Wines, “Amore Line”, “Bolla Line”,” Folonari Line”, Cavicchioli Line”
Gruppo Italiano Vini Spa
Brachetto D’Acqui Docg
Moscato d’asti Italian (Italian Origin)) Fontana Fredda Srl
Marsala 1880 Fine Sweet Rubino Pellegrino (Italian Origin) Carlo Pellegrino & C Sp
Moscato D’Asti Castelvecchio (Italian Origin) Manfredi Aldo & C Srl

Pannier Brut (French Origin)
Pannier Rose (French Origin) Champagne Pannier

Henkell , Deinhard, Ruttgers Club (German Origin)
(only for Duty Free Market)Henkel & Co Sektellerei KG
Lamberti Porta Del Lion Spumante Brut (Italian Origin) Gruppo Italiano Vini Spa

Water Source Uisge Highlands, (U.K Origin)
Water Source Uisge Islay (U.K Origin)
Water Source Uisge Speyside (U.K. Origin)Smoother Spirits Ltd

The Bitter Truth Bitter (German Origin)
Celery, Chocolate, Creole, Cucumber, Grapefruit, J. Thomas, Lemon, Old Time Aromatic, Orange, Peach, Tonic, Blossom Drops & Dashes, Nut Drops & Dashes, Roots Drops & Dashes, Wood Drops & Dashes) Haromex Development GmbH

Breda Beer Extra Strong 8,06% (Dutch Origin)
Breda Beer Super Strong 10,60% (Dutch Origin)
Primus Beer 5,10% (Dutch Origin)
Chateau Neubourg Premium Pilsner 5,5% (Dutch Origin) United Dutch Breweries



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